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Martin Holguin is a multifaceted individual. He is a small business proprietor, a guiding force, and an avid fitness devotee. At the helm of Lightspeed Restoration in Santee, CA, Martin passionately oversees diverse restoration endeavors encompassing water and fire loss, mold remediation, and indoor air quality enhancement. With over two decades of service as a US Naval Officer, Martin exemplifies dedication. Moreover, he remains an active and committed member of his local community.

Martin Holguin is deeply committed to community involvement. He recognizes the importance of giving back and positively impacting others. He actively engages in various community service initiatives, volunteering his time and expertise to support local organizations and causes. Additionally, Martin values continuing education and continuously seeks opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills. 

Martin Holguin started his career with two decades of service in the US Navy. Demonstrating outstanding leadership and mentorship capabilities, he led teams comprising up to 150 personnel to attain initial certifications and execute missions precisely, such as the Tomahawk Land Attack Missile and Ballistic Missile Defense operations. His unwavering commitment to safety was evident in maintaining incident-free Carrier Strike Group deployments while orchestrating intricate operations involving multiple ships and assets, including a chemical weapons strike in Syria.

After his time in the US Navy, Martin Holguin served as the Staff Program Manager for Illumina. In this role, he adeptly developed and introduced pivotal revenue-generating products, encompassing Microarrays, DNA Library Prep Kits, flow cells, reagents, and DNA Sequencing Systems. His efforts facilitated the timely commercial launch of key innovations, including NovaSeqX, NextSeq 1000/2000, BLT DNA Prep, and the Infinium Global Diversity Array with Enhanced PGx.

Next, Martin Holguin held positions as a Senior Staff Program Manager and Interim Director at Thermo Fisher. He played a pivotal role in the triumph of the Accula SARS-CoV-2 Test, implementing strategies that slashed annual scrap costs by $40 million and secured a 90% first-pass yield for a quarter. These measures included enhancing pre-start sub-assembly tightening procedures and introducing analytical test methods for sub-assemblies.

One of Martin Holguin‘s most recent roles was as the Director of the Program Management Office at Truvian Health. In this capacity, Martin spearheaded the development and execution of a bespoke Program Development process aligned with the company’s overarching mission. Additionally, he played a pivotal role in shaping, attaining, and sustaining significant company milestones.

Under Martin Holguin‘s stewardship, Lightspeed Restoration is firmly grounded in five fundamental principles: prioritizing customer satisfaction, upholding integrity, fostering innovation, fostering teamwork, and exemplifying professionalism. Embracing rigorous training, certification, and ethical standards, the team ensures the delivery of unparalleled expertise and service quality. Moreover, Lightspeed Restoration collaborates seamlessly with plumbers, insurance adjusters, and property managers to provide a cohesive restoration experience.

Beyond his professional endeavors, Martin Holguin channels his enthusiasm into Ironman Training. Adhering to a rigorous routine comprising swimming, cycling, running, and strength training, he diligently prepares for the ultimate test of endurance. Martin’s dedication to surpassing limits parallels his leadership style, as he applies the same unwavering perseverance and determination to yield exceptional outcomes.

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